Friday, April 3, 2009

An Indian Haircut

An Indian Haircut
I asked some India VSO staff if they thought that my hair was too long for the job and they replied no. However after eating dinner again at Ghulab’s, since Joe was going for a haircut I decided to get one as well. As I was watching another person get a haircut, I saw the barber giving the patron a very interesting massage and this helped me to decide to also get a haircut.

The barber that I wanted to get my haircut from had just finished with another customer, but another barber jumped in and must have said it is my turn. Not wanting there to be an altercation I went with the second barber.

The scissors were sharp and clean and after cutting my hair, the barber took out a razor. I immediately said what is that for and he replied with, this is new and it is just for your sideburns and back of the neck. After this the massage started.

The barber would clap his hands, massage me and then clap again. At times it was a pounding to my head. It was not just my head, but also my shoulders and down my back. Since I haven’t had a massage for quite some time, it, at times, was quite ticklish. I’ve had haircuts where my scalp is massaged a little bit, during the wash, but never anything like this.

The cost was 25 rupees, but it would have been about 15 rupees, if I hadn’t gotten the extra massage.

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