Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I-MAN Thinks About Fairness

I-MAN had been thinking a lot about fairness today.  He was wondering if there really was such a thing, especially in the countries that he had chosen to live in since  2009 or for that matter in any country.  He was remembering all the people that he had seen living on the street, especially today when he saw a few people with oozing sores from their feet and a kind of man who had a severe case of Elephantiasis, with people crowding around him and the man using his disease to make some money.   
Maybe it was just the thought that  he tried to be fair, in his own way, but of course this “fairness” was from his perspective.  I-MAN knew that there were many multi-dimensional layers and situations which people thought were fair or unfair.  Some had huge impacts, some much smaller depending on who was being “faired” or “un-faired”. Particularly today, in a somewhat small way, but in a way that can lead to bigger things, maybe even resentment, he felt that he had been “un-faired”.  In some small sense he was wondering why the un-fairness of the situation wasn’t seen in the same way that he might in order to make things fair.  He knew deep down that this was unrealistic given his experience and where he had grown up over the years and felt a little bit bad about the entire situation.  But he also knew that his situation would be seen differently depending on one’s life experience.   
In the short-term end I-MAN thought that he should let the situation go and move on, but as with many things that have occurred in his life over more than 500 years, he intended to learn a lesson and not treat others in the way in which he felt he had been treated.  But he also thought that this was partly his ego talking and he knew something about that.  I-MAN also  knew that he was trying his best to continually treat others with as much fairness as possible, although he knew at times that he had failed.  He promised himself to continue to feel this un-fairness whenever it came up and learn what he could from the situation, but more importantly to apply it to the people who he would continue to meet and love and cherish. 

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