Friday, March 8, 2013

I-MAN finds out about Eprat’s 100%

I-MAN wanted to spend time with friends, because he never really knew what might happen, but felt that he would be safe.  He ended up spending some time with Eprat who told him about how being with a certain person made her feel 100%.  I-MAN wondered what this really meant, i.e. feeling 100%.  Eprat explained that she mostly felt pretty good about life and what she was doing, but that this other person had the magic of making her feel even more.  I-MAN was quite curious about this and listened quite intently as Eprat explained things further, and he began to understand the meaning, although needed to see it in practice. 

As I-MAN thought more and more about this statement a woman with flowing gowns came to see I-MAN’s friend and confident, a Mr. Sweet, and started querying him about the size and shape of I-MAN’s pockets on his favorite pants, wanting to know how deep they actually were and did they contain any plane tickets to the promised land, which given Mr. Sweet’s knack for knowing that something was fishy, only made him smile, while speaking in numerous tongues, without providing a single answer. 

When I-MAN came back to the room that was being shared by Mr. Sweet, I-MAN and another person who spoke only in laughs, but sometimes getting rather silly, threatening to cut off people’s big toes on their left foot when they were drinking Sprite, I-MAN could sense that something was brewing.  Mr. Sweet explained that he thought he and I-MAN might be able to get a number of cows, approximately 10  and maybe  60 goats, if I-MAN could produce at least two tickets to the promised land and would reveal the depths of his pockets on his favorite pants.  With this as context, I-MAN began to think quite hard about Eprat’s 100% and felt surely that the scenario that Mr. Sweet described was in direct contradiction to what he had heard earlier in the day. 

The next day the flowing gown woman approached both I-MAN and  Mr. Sweet to potentially discuss what Mr. Sweet had spoken about to I-MAN.  Fortunately Mr. Sweet was busy but I-MAN decided that he would talk to the flowing gown woman with as much kindness as possible.  After all, the flowing gown woman only wanted what was best for I-MAN, sort of.  The woman explained that if I-MAN really wanted to raise cows and goats that he needed to produce the tickets as well as very deep pockets.  I-MAN explained that his pockets were not very deep and that he had no plane tickets, as he thought that he had already reached the promised land.  Dejectedly the woman walked away, leaving I-MAN only to wonder where he might ever get  cows and goats.

I-MAN still thinking about 100% then noticed a couple of people, who seemed to be doing some kind of dance, using rather large rubber bands to garner each other’s attention.  This seemed to be working and I-MAN again began to understand 100%, leaving himself with a very good feeling.

Once he was back home I-MAN met up with another friend and was told that there would be an arranged meeting, where if I-MAN would agree, he could drink as much hot, sweet, lemon water as possible.  I-MAN liking the sweet stuff agreed to the arranged meeting at approximately 4 PM, although things didn’t really happen until 5 PM.  As I-MAN noticed a number of people casually walking into the place where he was drinking the hot, sweet, lemon water, he also saw a number of animals like chimps, snakes, elephants, camels, bear and birds trailing behind the people. 

I-MAN being quite curious was wondering more and more about the arranged meeting.  I-MAN’s friend explained that the arrangement would be for I-MAN to choose an animal to live with and that he might, if he chose correctly, learn quite a bit about an animal’s life.  Unfortunately I-MAN couldn’t choose as he needed lots of time and conversation about which might be the correct animal.  He also knew that he must pay attention to Eprat’s 100% and that this might truly take some time to really comprehend.  Given his preference for living in slow places, I-MAN would only allow himself to be patient and choose correctly when the appropriate 100%er came along.  

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